Comparing asphalt shingles, plastic shingles, and metal shingles helps you make the right roofing decision.

This day in age, there are a few types of shingles that have really jumped ahead in the shingle world. While there are certainly many different shingle options still available for use, there are really only a few that continue to be relevant in buildings this day in age. For example, the wood shingle and shake, while still available in some areas, is largely extinct due to the fact that they are particularly prone to catching on fire. Similarly, the fiber cement shingle has also away because of the asbestos content in the shingles. These two shingle types represented an important type of shingle in the past, but with modern innovations in roofing materials, the world of shingles is jumping forward to become more cost effective and safer for the everyday consumer. These are positive moves, and no shingle types reflect this more than metal shingles, plastic shingles, and asphalt shingles as the leaders in the world of roofing shingles. To be sure, stone shingles are also an excellent option. Also known as slate tiles, these are the most expensive shingle option and often last for up to four hundred years. For this reason, slate tiles tend to be reserved for a specific kind of residential construction and are not typically used in everyday residential projects.

One of the most important aspects of shingles are their affordability. When people want to install a new roof, they know it will be expensive and are often looking to get the most bang for their buck. This is where plastic shingles really take the lead. They are the least expensive shingle option for modern roofs and have the added benefit of being lightweight but not fragile. Plastic shingles are one of the simplest kinds of shingles to install and can take on the look of slate shingles, making them particularly aesthetically pleasing. However, if you are looking for real longevity and affordability over time, the asphalt shingle is more up your alley. While they are more expensive than plastic shingles, asphalt shingles last up to fifty years and are also easy to mold into the kind of shape and design that is most aesthetically pleasing.

The look of your roof tiles is particularly important to note as well, if for no other reason than this is the first thing that many people see when looking at your home. Keeping color, shape, and design in mind is not a shallow inclination, but rather an acknowledgement of modern day home design. Your home should look the way you want it to! In this area, plastic and asphalt shingle are perhaps equitable; it just depends on the kind of texture that you are going for. Metal shingles are also an aesthetically pleasing roofing material, and they have the added bonus of being fire proof. Metal shingles are your best choice if you live in an area where fires happen frequently. Plastic shingles are the most combustible of the three shingles mentioned, with asphalt tiles falling somewhere in the middle. Keep all of these things in mind when picking the best roofing material for you!


Last weekend I had to watch the kids because my partner was on a ski trip with her work friends. I love to stay home and take it easy with the family, so for me it was no problem at all. The kids and I spent Friday evening around the TV, watching a horror movie and eating pizza. I had planned to take the whole troop to the park the next afternoon for some outside activity in the hot summer heat but things did not go to plan.

Before my alarm could even wake me up, my youngest son, Ted, came into my bedroom and told me that his ceiling was leaking water on his face and he wanted to know if he could sleep with me. I let him get into bed and went into his room to check and see what was up, thinking that he probably just had a nightmare and not knowing that I was about to have my own nightmare. The ceiling in Ted’s room had a huge grey spot above the bed, where water was leaking down and soaking the mattress and carpet.

Ok, a roofing problem, I will fix it. I got out my tools and set the ladder up and after some trouble managed to get onto the roof. It only took me a few more minutes of creeping around up there to realize that the roof was a problem that I was not going to be able to fix on my own.  I almost fell off the ladder on my way back to earth but I did get back down safe and I went to tell the kids that we were going to have to take a rain check for the park.

First, I opened the phone book and turned to Roofers. There were a lot of options for different roofing companies in the phone book and I was not sure of how I was going to choose one. I was about to call the first random number on the list, when I remembered that my neighbor had experiences some roofing issues the month before. I walked next door and explained the situation to him and he gave me the number of a roofing contractor who had done a lot of houses in the area. 

A few hours later the guys were on top of my roof working on the leak while the kids and I played in the backyard. It turned out that the roof had been damaged for some time before that and there was actually a lot of damage to be repaired. In fact, the roofers had to come back out the next day to continue the work on the roof. I guess I was lucky because if they had not discovered the problem in time, I could have been out a whole lot more money than I was but I still wished it had not of happened on my weekend with the kids. I guess sometimes not everything goes to plan.

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I recently hired a commercial roof repair company.

A couple of years back I needed to have my roof repaired. I had had a feeling for a while that the roof was going to need repairing soon and I had started to save up some money to help me cover the costs of the repairs. After researching a couple of different residential roof repair companies I found a local company called Campbell Beard Roofing. It was a big project but it was completed in a timely and professional manner and I was very happy with my decision to work with that company. A year later I recommended the same company to a friend of mine who was in need of some roof repairs after a tree had fallen through his garage. Recently I called Campbell Beard Roofing again when I was looking for a commercial roof repair company.  I had called originally to see if they had any recommendations for commercial roof repair without realizing that they specialize in commercial roof repair as well as residential roof repair. I was happy to be able to work with the same company again and hired them on to repair the roof on my business’ warehouse.

Residential roof repairCommercial roof repair can look very different from residential roof repair. The roof on my home is covered with roof shingles while the roof of the warehouse used for my business is metal. I was interested to see how the rest of the repair process would differ from home to business. In the end I was very happy with the results and glad that I had once again chosen to work with Campbell Beard Roofing. Both of the roofs that they worked on for me have maintained stable structure and done their job of protecting the inside from the elements. In Colorado you never know what you are going to get when it comes to the weather, and I don’t think that the weather man or woman knows any better either. It could be bright blue skies one minute and a torrential down pour the next minute and you would never know what hit you. In Colorado when you leave the house you have to be prepared for anything. Sometimes when it snows here overnight it will be cold in the morning and then heat up to tank top wether by the late afternoon! You never know what you are going to get so you have to be prepared for it all. The same can be said for your roof!

I know that I can feel confident in the condition of my roof for many years to come. Roof repairs are expensive so once you pay to have it done you shouldn’t need to do it again for a while. That is unless you are unlucky like my neighbor and a tree falls through your roof during an epic wind storm. That doesn’t tend to happen as often where I live but I have certainly heard some horror stories from my friends about giant trees going through their roofs!

Consider the condition of the roofing when buying a new home

There are a lot of things a person has to think about when considering buying a home. Price, location, and size are some of the most obvious factors, but there are others that might be less obvious but are as important in the long run. Here are a few other items you might want to think about if you are in the market for a new home.

1. Once you have settled on a price with your mortgage loan officer, you need to pick the location. This can be done by proximity to work, quality of the school district, or many other features. roofing companiesHowever, sometimes it might be too expensive to have everything you want in a home in the neighborhood you want to live in. In those instances, it might be worth considering a fixer-upper, which could use some renovations. Typically going for below market value, there are mortgages available to help finance some of the renovations, bringing the house up to or even surpassing market value for less than you might have spent on a home in good condition. This takes a little more work and dedication from a home owner, and it is not the right solution for everyone. But for some people, it is a dream come true!

2. Consider the condition of the home next. Did something turn up in an inspection that makes you nervous? Does the seller avoid questions about the condition of the roofing? Some of these might be cause for concern – typically, they are, in fact. However, it still does not mean you have to rule the home out entirely. Maybe you just need a good roofing contractor to take a look at the roof or someone to double check the sewer lines. These are the types of routine checks that can also usually be negotiated with the seller to cover the costs. A roofing inspection should not be considered abnormal, as roof repairs can be quite expensive. Doing this up front shows you are a responsible home owner even before purchasing the home. Having a roofing contractor attest to the quality of the roof or other inspections can help you catch a break on your homeowner’s insurance as well.

3. Is it the right size for you? You want to make sure if you plan on having a family in the near future that there is space in the house for you and your family to grow into it. If you are moving into a one bedroom condo with your partner but want to have kids in a couple of years, you might find yourself out growing the unit pretty quickly and having to go to the trouble of moving again.

These are just a few things to keep an eye out for in your search to become a new or repeat home owner. A lot of little things that can make a big difference, so knowing where your priorities lie and how to get where you want to be is important when searching for a home. Otherwise you will be adrift for the entire process, and might end up somewhere that does not meet your needs.

Roof replacement can be expensive.

roofingI recently bought my first home and have experienced many ups and downs throughout the process. Buying a new home is very exciting but can also be stressful and overwhelming at times. Some of the projects that come along with home ownership can be anticipated, while others will surprise you. When I bought my first home I went in to it knowing that I would need to hire a contractor for the roof replacement. When I had the home inspected before I bought it I had a hunch that the roof was going to need some work and after speaking with the inspector I decided that replacing the roof all together would be the best option. I started to do some research about roofers in my area and was anxious about finding a contractor to work with that I could trust. I had heard many horror stories from fellow home owners about contractors for various projects that were very unprofessional. Many of those stories ended with the project going way over schedule and way over budget. I wanted to be sure that I hired a contractor who would be honest about the schedule and the cost of the roof replacement.

After doing some research I found a local roofing company with great reviews called Academy Roofing. Academy Roofing has been providing roof and gutter services to the Front Range area for more than thirty years. They pride themselves on excellent customer service and have the customer reviews to back that promise up. From the time I made my initial call to the company I felt that I was receiving individual attention and care. The contractors worked with me to ensure that they would be able to stay on budget and on schedule for the roof replacement. The roof replacement started right on schedule and the roofers were very professional. Any hiccups or issues with the original plan were immediately brought to my attention and worked out to maintain the budget and schedule. In the end the roofers finished the project a full day early and right on budget. I was very pleased with my overall experience working with Academy Roofing.

There were many projects that I had done to the house when I first bought it and I worked with many different contractors and businesses throughout the process. I can say with confidence that Academy Roofing was the most professional contracting business that I had the pleasure to work with. The roofers were professional and included me in any and all decisions regarding the replacement of my roof. I have been very pleased with the results of the roof and feel confident that I won’t need to worry about roof repairs for many years to come. However, when the time does come for me to have the roof repaired I will be happy to take my business back to Academy Roofing. Based on my own personal experience I am confident when recommending Academy Roofing to any of my friends and neighbors.

Having professional roofers you can call is good business sense for homeowners

Knowing whether your home needs a new roof or simply is in need of roof repairs following a bad storm is likely something that cannot be assessed by the average homeowner. Some damage is probably going to be obvious and clear that it needs fixing. If shingles are missing, the roof is leaking, or entire pieces of it have been torn off in a storm, then it is clear that your roofing will need repair or replacing.

But some damage is not necessarily visible to someone who is not extremely skilled at what they are doing, and that is why hiring professional roofers to do the inspection on your home’s roof should be a regular practice for any homeowner. Once per year, or more frequently if the weather demands it, this author recommends having professional roofers examine the state of the roof and likely take any recommendations they might have. Building a relationship with professionals before you actually are in need of them can help you ensure that you will have someone to call in an emergency when you need them.

Owning a home is stressful enough without the added pressure of not knowing who to call when there is an emergency. It is highly recommended that homeowners build up relationships with all sorts of other contractors besides just roofers, to make sure that they are prepared for any type of emergency. Knowing you have a plumber to call if your sink backs up, or an electrician if you have trouble with your wiring, can help any homeowner sleep with ease at night that their home is being adequately taken care of and there are people to call in an emergency. Waiting until the emergency has already happened and then trying to find someone to take care of you at a reasonable price is going to be infinitely more difficult than if those relationships were already in existence prior to whatever the emergency scenario is.

The same situation goes for properties where you might have tenants, who will call you, the homeowner, if something goes wrong. They are not responsible for the home or for storm damage, but they do have to live in it even if it is damaged, and they will be looking to you to compensate them if they have to leave the home and certainly for the cost of all repairs. Being a homeowner can be a stressful situation depending on the circumstances, and roofing is definitely one of the trickier challenges that might be faced. However, there are ways to mitigate extreme conditions ahead of time and prepare for the worst as a homeowner. Building relationships with contracts, and good homeowner’s insurance can take you a long way towards keeping your sanity as a homeowner. It can also help secure your financial future against any unforeseen expenses due to emergency repairs from severe weather conditions. Do not let the potential stress of owning a home scare you off, though. Home ownership is one of the most rewarding things a person can do!

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Roof Corp Knows How to Respond to Hail Damage.

Roof CorpRoofs are an important component of any shelter.  After all, a shelter is not much good if it cannot shield you from precipitation.  When it comes to residential roofs, you need to be vigilant.  Damage can happen quickly, and you might not know about it, until it has progressed into something worse.  The outer most layer of most residential roofing consists of shingles, which are thin tiles that cover the entirety of a roof.  If one of those shingles becomes displaced, or if the sealant begins to wear away, the conditions for a leak are formed.

Of all the weather phenomena that cause damage to your shingles, though, hail is perhaps the worst.  If you have ever seen what hail can do to the roof of a car, you should have a vague idea of what it would to to residential roofing material.  Because hail damage is so pervasive, some roofing companies have protocols for dealing with it.  In the case of Roof Corp, they will even work with your insurance company, to ensure your claim is filed properly, so you do not have to.  This can be extremely beneficial, since many people end up missing out on insurance money because they did not file the paperwork properly.  Roof Corp has professionals who know how to work with the insurance companies, to get the coverage you deserve, based on your policy.  They even have a good rapport with the insurance companies, in addition to simply being able to fill out the paperwork correctly.  Though everyone’s policy is different, Roof Corp will guarantee that you will get the amount that your insurance company quotes.  As you probably know, that is not always how things turn out, when dealing with insurance companies, and it is good to have someone on your side who knows the jargon and policies.

Of course, whether you are covered or not, you do need to make sure that your house remains covered by your roof.  If you have signs of roof damage, such as leakage in your ceiling, you need to get have roofers come take a look at your roof, as soon as possible.  If a leak has already formed, you should respond promptly, as more time will only allow it to worsen.  One of the most obvious, not to mention serious, signs of roof leakage is sagging in the ceiling.  If it looks as if part of your ceiling is beginning to cave-in slightly, you need to call professional roofing specialists, immediately, as you could be dealing with a safety hazard.  The other quintessential symptom of roof leakage is if your ceiling actually begins to drip.  With either of these symptoms, you are likely dealing with a pretty severe leak.  Very minor or new roof damage, on the other hand, will not necessarily cause any visible damage, within your home.  Because of the risk of this type of damage, it is highly recommended that all homeowners have their roofs inspected, at least once a year.


Roofing Safety

As a roofer, people often ask me about the safety of my job.  Yes, roofing can be a dangerous and risky business, but I’ve had very few accidents in my many years of a roofer.  When people ask me how I stay safe in such a potentially dangerous career, I often tell them that it’s a mix of using your common sense to be safe, and proper training and understanding of the risks of being a roofer.

People often contact my roofing company after a large storm.  Large storms can cause a lot of damage to a roof.  This damage can range from a tree landing on a roof, to a simple leak, to snow accumulation, which needs to be removed, and in extreme cases, holes or even collapsed roofs.  Assessing damage after a storm and removing debris is probably the most dangerous aspect of my job.  If someone’s roof is damaged due to a storm, they will need you to come work on their roof right away.  Oftentimes, you do not have the option of waiting until the storm has passed. General roof maintenance in repair is less risky, as this usually takes place in the spring and summer months when the weather mid milder.  Repairing a roof during or just after a storm means that you may be going up onto the roof in high winds, rain, or snow.  It’s important in this situation to be prepared.  I always wear the right shoes and other gear, and bring all the equipment you need in order to get in and out quickly. Snow removal is another big aspect of my job during the winter months.  Many people choose to contact a roofer for snow removal rather than do it on their own.  This is a good idea, as a roofer can remove the snow and assess any damage on the roof.  Removing snow, however can be dangerous.  When removing snow, you must always check for ice, because if you step on a patch of ice on the roof, you can easily slip and fall.  In fact, this is one of the few accidents I ever had on the job.  It was my first winter as a roofer, and I wasn’t used to spotting ice.  I stepped on a patch, and slipped from the roof.  Luckily for me, I was still low on the roof, and the feet of snow on the ground broke my fall.

All of my years as a roofer have taught me a couple of things.  One is that roof care is not something to take lightly.  You may think that you are maintaining your roof, but roofing experts can spot problems that may not be visible to others.  I can speak from personal experience that a seasoned roofer can immediately spot roofing risks and spot weak spots which need either immediate or future repair.  The second thing is that roofing can be very dangerous.  Getting up on your roof, without proper training can be a dangerous endeavor.  If you need your roof inspected, it is always a safe idea to contact a roofing contractor, who can safely get onto your roof and properly assess any damage.

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After a severe thunderstorm you might need to call in a good roofing company.

roofersI grew up in an area that got pretty severe weather anywhere from as early as March all the way into October, though the October storms were far less common. When the clouds would start to form you pretty well knew what kind of weather was coming. There was something about the look of the clouds that were coming in that let you know what kind of weather you would be expecting. There was the dark black menacing clouds or then there were the eerie green quietly threatening clouds. Even though it could be scary, I loved experiencing this weather. It was so exhilarating and I felt like it was Mother Earth talking to all of us directly, reminding us she was still here and reminding us of her majesty.

We all knew what we had to do when it came time for a serious weather incident. We all knew where to grab the weather radio, what things we needed to grab, what room to go to and who went where within that room. My brother and I were to get in the tub and my mom would throw a mattress on top of us while she would stay on the bathroom floor with the three dogs. That was a hard pill to swallow to know that you would leave your mom and dogs out of the safest place but it was important. At my dad’s house we had a cellar and tried to grab as many dogs and cats as we could and go down into the cellar. The only animals that wouldn’t fit were the horses but my dad they would be fine.

We were lucky because the only damage we ever had from heavy winds and tornado watches were missing shingles. We definitely got accustomed to calling roofing companies to come out and get our houses back up to par. I used to think it was aesthetics that my parents were concerned about but that definitely was not the case. It’s important to have your roof repaired as soon as possible to prevent more permanent damage to your roof and to your house. My dad lives in a trailer house which is why he has a cellar, but we also had to get the siding on his house fixed because that would come off in storms as well. That was needed to protect the underneath of his house.

I loved these storms even though they made me a little nervous, which is understandable. There was something exciting about the whole thing and I loved to watch the live radar and watch the storm progress. It was such a fun game to try and determine where you think the storm will go. Will it go a little south and miss your city? Will you get it dead on or get some of the lighter storm instead of the massive head? EIther way, we usually had to get roofers to come out and fix up our homes so we could be safe and secure for more rain and weather that was sure to come.


Professional roofers should treat you professionally.

You can tell a lot about a roofer by their behavior during the process of getting an estimate for your roof repair.  Every single thing that happens, from the moment you pick up the phone or send an email requesting an estimate, says something about the company that is making a bid for your business.  Even just the demeanor of the person answering the phone before you get transferred to their sales team can speak volumes.  Are they rushed or hurried?  Trying to get you off of the phone?  Or, heaven forbid, actually rude to you?  These are all early warning signs that this particular roofer may not be one that you want to choose.

The next thing to look for is timeliness.  If they are booked so far out for even doing an estimate that you have trouble making an appointment, they may be very good at what they do but may have too much business to handle your needs when you need to have them done.  That being said, good roofers may be worth waiting for so it certainly is not an immediate deal breaker.  However, when it comes time for the estimator to arrive for their appointment then they really do need to be on time.  It is difficult to have confidence in a company that does not show up when they are supposed to, especially at the crucial moment of getting you to give them your business.  After all, if an estimator cannot make it to an appointment on time, can you really expect the company to deliver any of its promises on time?  If the person who is doing the easiest part of the job (from a labor standpoint, I am certainly not selling short how difficult it is to sell a product to a person even when they know they need your services) is not able to adhere to a simple commitment, how can you expect the rest of the job to turn out?

That being said, there is the obvious, but needs to be said, aspect of how the estimator treats you and the job that you need to have done.  You would be amazed at the number of sales people in roofing (and in contracting in general) who will talk to a prospective client as if the customer has no idea what they are doing.  While it is true that a lot of home owners do not have a wide breadth of knowledge involving roofs and the materials used in them, it is never acceptable for a person you might be hiring to treat you as if you are a simpleton.  Also, some estimators treat customers differently depending on the job that they are being asked to quote on.  Regardless of whether you are looking at a twenty thousand dollar complete roofing job or just need to have a small leak and a couple yards of shingles replaced, the person quoting the work should treat you as if your business matters to them.  If you have a roofer that fits all of these criteria then you should take their id seriously.  Good luck!