1. Extreme heat. Most of us wouldn’t name heat as a potential serious problem that could cause damage to our roofs but it definitely is and it is also one of the worst. Many of the most common kinds of adhesive used during the construction of a roof are sensitive to high levels of heat. Roofing agents are resistant to high temperatures but only to a certain point. Especially during the times of year when the weather changes from very cold to very hot, those chemicals can start to come apart and the integrity of the roof can be placed in jeopardy. Once the glues that hold roofing materials in place start to break down, there is nothing left to do but to remove the old glue and put new glue down to rebind the roof together. Roofers know how to minimize the level of damage caused by heat if they are afforded the chance to inspect the area. The damage caused by heat to a roof is particularly dangerous due to the fact that many people do not realize that it has happened and later, other weather conditions combine with the damage to create a serious issue. There are some very basic ways to test and see if your roof is being damaged by extreme heat. If the temperature rises higher than is normal in your area, especially during the rimes of the year when the seasons are changing, you will want to touch your roof around the seams and see if it moves out of place at all. If the roof is sliding from its original spot with little force, it is a pretty sure sign of heat damage. has experience treating roofs damaged by all kinds of harsh weather conditions and they can help people who have roofs affected by extreme heat as well.
  2. Snow is bad for two reasons. First snow, like heat, can cause the chemicals in the adhesive to loss their power. Second, when snow builds up on the surface of a roof and then starts to melt, that slow and continual exposure to water can lead to water damage. What can you do about the risk snow imposes on your roof? Luckily, snow, if removed in relatively good time, will not harm your roof top. If you have had a heavy snow, try and remove the most snow from your roof as is possible. If the weather permits it and there is no longer a risk of freezing, you can even use the hose and spray the water off of your roof. Water is only dangerous to a well made roof when it is in contact with the roof for long periods of time. If you notice that there is damage to your roof from snow, call a roof repair company as soon as you can since you never know when the next big snow fall will strike and turn your minor damage into a real problem. When you have heavy snow, just keep a close eye on your roof for potential areas that might have been harmed

Commercial Roofing: an Investment

In the course of investing in a new business that requires and establishment or a building, we should be keen to the quality of the building we are going to build or rent. The Roof is one of the most important and exposed portion of the building that needs to be secured in terms of quality and endurance.

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Use of roofing in commerce

Roofing for commercial buildings is quite different from that of residential roofing. Commercial roofing has a complex requirement that also varies on the nature of the commercial building. These ranges from small stores to bigger buildings like warehouse. With the intention to protect commercial structures, it varies in different types of systems. Commercial roofing usually has a relatively flat slop compared to that of residential roofs.

What are the types of Commercial Roofing Systems?

The most common types of commercial roofing systems are:

  1. Metal roofing system – best for structures with large and open surfaces. It is advisable for a structure that has an irregular form with is flexible character. Huge commercial structures such as warehouse and factories are advised to use metal roofing. It is also more convenient for these structures for it is much easier to put up.
  2. Shingle roofing system – it is composed of several overlying sections or layers. Shingle roofing is may use any material forming the layers. The usefulness of this system mainly relies on the material that is used. It may be for insulation, sound proofing, etc.
  3. Ceramic roofing system – using ceramic tiles, it is a durable roofing system which lasts a century or more. Roof remains of old houses and structures are usually ceramic tiles. It can be used for commercial areas located in hot or warm places due to its capacity to insulate heat.

Signs you need roof repair

Being the most vulnerable to rain, lightning, and other natural hazards, roofs are often damaged. To avoid major accidents or damages to your roof, it is important to look into the signs of roof damages.

Stagnant water – water that looks like a pond on top of the roof may lead to internal damages not only to the roof but to other portions of the building as well. You should find a way to avoid this.

Roof Flashing – an increase in the gap in the roof cover may result to the failure to protect the surrounding area of the roof. These roof covers or flashing needs to be fixed to avoid the increase of its gap.

Cracks – short and long lines that cut across the roof means there are portions of the roof, deep or not, that are hollow. This will be manifested in future leaks inside the building. As early as possible, fix immediately these cracks so that it will reach the inner part of the building.

Proper maintenance is needed to protect you invested roof. Of course we will talk about expenses when we say maintenance. It is much advisable to avail not only the comfortable roofing system but also the durable and easy-maintenance roofing. Consider the long-term upsides of the roofing system and company you choose.


Running a professional roofing company

Running a professional roofing company can be a great task. Being able to supply a customers with good quality products can sometimes be one the most important factors of being in the roofing industry. roofing contractorsBut being able to have products that you know you can trust in means you’ll be able to have what you install last as it should. When installing any kind of product for anybody you never want to have to have lots of callbacks on your products. Roofing contractors depend on the materials that they used to be able to do is the shit without having warranty issues with the products. Being able to use long-standing products that have been known in the business to be able to do the job I want most roofing professionals are working to go with. But being able to have quality in the products allows them to install quality professional products for the customers.

When I comes to a roof being able to have good quality is a very important factor in ensuring that the home is going to be protected. The roof is designed to be able to channel water away as quick as possible so you do not have standing water on the roof. Standing water on the roof can cause problems and when roofing tiles and sheets are not installed properly they can cause areas where water can go and see it. This is where the problems can begin. By not being able to channel the water away water sits and finds its way through the roof because leaks within the home. This can be a scary situation for many people if this happens. More than likely there are plenty of roofing companies out there that can help you to get your roof protected once again. They will be able to get you to where you can depend on your roof to run smoothly as it should and check on the water away properly. Even though you may have a slope or a pitch to your roof doesn’t always mean that they’re not little pockets that can occur in order to prevent water from coming in. Working with professional companies like JK roofing company can allow you to have the product that you need for your home. They work with professional roofing suppliers to be able to get good products for your home. They can help you take care of any speaking that you may have a problem with any other type of ribs situation that you may have. By using professional roofer is you will be able to see a difference in the quality that you get.

Trying to hire the guy down the road does not always work out and having problems later down the road leave you empty-handed with any type of warranty. Be sure to use professional roofer to be able to allow you to have the quality you deserve inequality you want for your home. Because the roof is your homes first line of defense against the water elements against rain and snow and against whatever type of elements that make them against it you always want to make sure that you were going to have it well protected home by having it well protected roof.


Tiles versus Shingle Roofing

You plan on having new roofing installed. You have gone through the different materials and are left with two choices on the material: tiles or shingles. There are many factors to take note of when deciding which one to use for your roof. Here the different considerations that you need to look into before making your decisions.

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  1. Climate

In the roofing business, climate is one of the drivers when choosing what type of material to use. If you live in an area that receives a fair amount of snow then you should go for tiles since snow can easily slide on them and they are good conductors. In easier climate shingles is the way to go. However for areas that experience high winds, tiles are better since shingles easily get knocked off.

  1. Warranties

In terms of warranties, manufacturers of shingles give around 20 years of warranty. Tile roofs on the other hand have a warranty of 20 years. With proper care and maintenance the warranty does not really matter since it can extend the life of either material. In the case of warranty though it is clear that tile roofs are better as you can expect longer roof repair.

  1. Structure/Support

In order to know the type of material you need to examine just how sturdy the roof is. Tiles are generally heavy and if the roof is not sturdy enough then it may give way and as a consequence lead to more damage.

  1. Price

As with any choice between two objects, price will always enter the equation. In the case of shingles and tiles, price however is the most obvious. Shingles are cheaper with tiles costing twice as much. Still with tiles having a longer warranty and being more durable, it goes back to the two being equal.

  1. Purpose

The last is the purpose of why you are redoing your roof. Is it because the roof needed replacement? If so then either material could be a roofing solution and it will all depend on the previous four factors given. If you plan on moving out and sell your house, then go with tiles as it can increase the market value of your property.

Based on these different factors, it appears that tile roofing is the better and smarter choice. If so then how come majority of homes continue to use shingles instead of tiles? The answer is because most people merely focus on the price of the material. Shingles are indeed cheaper so if you just use that as your basis then it becomes the only choice. However if you include the other factors, the choice becomes a bit difficult to do. This is not to say that the decision is being made complicated. Rather the idea is that if you have make a big decision that will likely affect you for a long time then it better a decision made based on facts. Meaning it is a well thought of decision. In roofing issues, this is truly very important.


Three major types of roofing. most people think of roofing, they think of the basic shingle that goes onto most people’s homes.  However, there are numerous other types of roofing that are common in residential areas.  It is important to understand the type of roofing you have on your home if you are considering roof repair.  If you don’t know what type of roofing you have, you may end up hiring a company that has no experience working with that type of roofing.  In this scenario, the result and workmanship on your roof is what suffers.  In order to help you better understand the different types of roofing, and ultimately to make the right decision when hiring a roofing company, here is an explanation of three of the major types.

1.  Metal roof.  Metal roofs are one of the most common types of roofing.  They can be made out of copper, aluminum, or coated steel.  The way in which metal roofs are laid down is unique, so it is important to find a company that understands this.  The textured side of each panel is laid in sequence over the underlayment, and then each panel is fastened to the roof.  Metal roofs are great for two major reasons.  The first reason is that they are less susceptible to damage if a bad storm hits your area.  Rather than shingle roofs, metal roofs can take most damage from hail without having to be replaced.  The other reason they are great is that they make the home more energy efficient.  They reflect the sun’s rays, keeping that energy from entering the home, and making the home cooler in the summer time.

2.  Tile roof.  Tile roofs are another common type of roofing.  Like metal roofs, it is important to find a roofer that understands tile roofing if this is they type of roofing you have on your home.  These types of roofs can be made from clay, natural slate, stone, or concrete.  Like metal roofs, they are sturdier and less susceptible to damage from storms. They are great for a few additional reasons.  First, they promote air circulation in the home.  They are also great because they are fire resistant, so if there is ever a fire at home, they will protect your home better than other types of roofing.  They are also great because they are long lasting, so they do not have to be replaced as often as other types of roofing.

3.  Asphalt roof.  Asphalt roofs are achieved by first applying fiberglass based shingles to the roof.  These are nailed to the roof, and then a layer of asphalt coating is applied.  These types of roofs are great because they are resistant to extreme temperatures, and they hold up well in areas that receive a lot of water, wind, and ice.

One roofing company that understands all three of these types of roofing is Academy Roofing.  They have installed numerous roofs of all three types, and they understand the pros and cons of each.  They can consult with you about the area you live in and the type of roofing you should get.


Roofing Materials You Can Add

We are all familiar with the typical roofing material. These are the usual stuff that roofers provide like asphalt tiles, clay tiles or even metal sheets to name a few. Some years back however some students and researchers managed create what can be said are ingenious when it comes to roofing.

One such material is known as Thermeleon which was developed at MIT. The material is made up of substances that are thermochromic. Meaning when exposed to heat it can change its color from black to white. So what can it do? Well one way of ensuring that your house maintains its cool temperature is to paint the roof white since the color reflects heat. Thus there is no need for you to paint the roof white. The problem with this is that when its winter, the white color keeps out the heat meaning you use more energy for the heaters. With this invention, the material goes back to its default color which is black when the temperature lowers down to a particular degree.

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Another invention that you can incorporate in your roof is the Cylindrical Solar Tile made by Penn State. What this does is capture sunlight helping you get more energy. Can you just imagine combining this with the MIT’s Thermeleon? Your house would not just be eco-friendly but is also an energy saver.

There is also the Disguised Solar Tiles made by SRS Energy. What is this one then? Well think clay tile and photovoltaic cell and then combine the two. The cell when bonded with the clay tile can help get solar energy but it looks like any other tile preserving the look you want for your house. It is also cheaper, lighter and very easy to install. Thus you may not need the services of roofers.

Finally there is the Covert Solar Tiles manufactured by Dow Chemicals. If you noticed the previous inventions incorporate solar panels in roof tiles. However for shingles the same does not work. The solar shingles developed by Dow instead uses copper that is film-thin making them cheaper and lighter and easy to install as well. One advantage this one has over other solar cells is that is has lower visibility. Thus even if the place where you live has theft issues, you won’t worry too much about the solar cells disappearing.

What all this tells us is that a roof merely providing us protection from the elements like rain, sun and wind, is starting to be a thing of the past. Traditional roofs simply were on top of the house. The new roofing systems can do more than that. It does not just provide protection but can also help us save energy and money. So what is next in store? A good idea would be a way to mix all these in one big package. So the next time you plan to have a roof repair for your house, it would not hurt to include these additions and help make the world a better place.


How roofing contractors prevent problems before they occur.

http://www.genesistotalexteriors.comDifferent professions exist for a reason.  People study in school and gain experience in the real world to become professionals.  For example, you wouldn’t want just anyone doing what a doctor is supposed to do.  Doctors exist because taking care of someone’s health is important, and it should be left up to the professionals.  Along the same lines, professional roofers exist because they understand their field better than anyone else.  They know how to fix each and every roof, and they know how to prevent problems before they occur.  Here are some of the ways in which professional roofers prevent problems before they happen.

They install ice and water shield on homes to prevent those liquids from leaking into the home.  Many climates have harsh winters, which means that ice and snow can pile up on roofs.  On sunny days, that ice can begin to melt, and if eaves and rakes are not properly protected, that liquid can begin to run into the home.  To prevent that from happening, roofers install ice and water shield on all eaves and rakes.

Synthetic underlay is another product that many roofing companies use to protect the house from future problems.  It runs all the way from the top of a roof to the bottom, and several rows of nails are used.  This serves as the last layer of protection after the shingles.  It prevents water and other materials from entering the home.

Drip edge is another product that many roofing companies use to protect the home.  Its purpose is to help water run off the side of the house.  Another thing that most roofers take into account, that helps water and other substances to get off the home, is the slope of the home.  They run their valley accordingly.  By understanding the shape and the slope of the roof, they are able to determine where most of the water will run off.  They then lay their shingles accordingly.  All of this planning and understanding helps to protect the roof from any future problems.  Professional roofers understand theses sorts of things, whereas the typical homeowner does not.

A final aspect of roof understanding that is crucial to preventing any problems are the gutters on a home.  The most obvious use of the gutter is to run all of the water and things off of the roof.  However, without proper planning, water can begin to get caught up and can cause serious problems for homeowners.  Also, in homes where there are trees that overhang, leaves and other debris can get caught in the gutters which can create a ton of problems for homeowners.  Planning how the gutters will run is one of the most effective ways to prevent water from catching on the roof.

Roofing is complicated, and it is thus better left to the professionals.  Roofers exist because they understand how the roof is sloped, what products to use on the roof to prevent water from leaking into the home, and a myriad of other issues.  Rather than trying to fix your roof yourself, it is best left to the professionals.


Comparing asphalt shingles, plastic shingles, and metal shingles helps you make the right roofing decision.

This day in age, there are a few types of shingles that have really jumped ahead in the shingle world. While there are certainly many different shingle options still available for use, there are really only a few that continue to be relevant in buildings this day in age. For example, the wood shingle and shake, while still available in some areas, is largely extinct due to the fact that they are particularly prone to catching on fire. Similarly, the fiber cement shingle has also away because of the asbestos content in the shingles. These two shingle types represented an important type of shingle in the past, but with modern innovations in roofing materials, the world of shingles is jumping forward to become more cost effective and safer for the everyday consumer. These are positive moves, and no shingle types reflect this more than metal shingles, plastic shingles, and asphalt shingles as the leaders in the world of roofing shingles. To be sure, stone shingles are also an excellent option. Also known as slate tiles, these are the most expensive shingle option and often last for up to four hundred years. For this reason, slate tiles tend to be reserved for a specific kind of residential construction and are not typically used in everyday residential projects.

One of the most important aspects of shingles are their affordability. When people want to install a new roof, they know it will be expensive and are often looking to get the most bang for their buck. This is where plastic shingles really take the lead. They are the least expensive shingle option for modern roofs and have the added benefit of being lightweight but not fragile. Plastic shingles are one of the simplest kinds of shingles to install and can take on the look of slate shingles, making them particularly aesthetically pleasing. However, if you are looking for real longevity and affordability over time, the asphalt shingle is more up your alley. While they are more expensive than plastic shingles, asphalt shingles last up to fifty years and are also easy to mold into the kind of shape and design that is most aesthetically pleasing.

The look of your roof tiles is particularly important to note as well, if for no other reason than this is the first thing that many people see when looking at your home. Keeping color, shape, and design in mind is not a shallow inclination, but rather an acknowledgement of modern day home design. Your home should look the way you want it to! In this area, plastic and asphalt shingle are perhaps equitable; it just depends on the kind of texture that you are going for. Metal shingles are also an aesthetically pleasing roofing material, and they have the added bonus of being fire proof. Metal shingles are your best choice if you live in an area where fires happen frequently. Plastic shingles are the most combustible of the three shingles mentioned, with asphalt tiles falling somewhere in the middle. Keep all of these things in mind when picking the best roofing material for you!


Last weekend I had to watch the kids because my partner was on a ski trip with her work friends. I love to stay home and take it easy with the family, so for me it was no problem at all. The kids and I spent Friday evening around the TV, watching a horror movie and eating pizza. I had planned to take the whole troop to the park the next afternoon for some outside activity in the hot summer heat but things did not go to plan.

Before my alarm could even wake me up, my youngest son, Ted, came into my bedroom and told me that his ceiling was leaking water on his face and he wanted to know if he could sleep with me. I let him get into bed and went into his room to check and see what was up, thinking that he probably just had a nightmare and not knowing that I was about to have my own nightmare. The ceiling in Ted’s room had a huge grey spot above the bed, where water was leaking down and soaking the mattress and carpet.

Ok, a roofing problem, I will fix it. I got out my tools and set the ladder up and after some trouble managed to get onto the roof. It only took me a few more minutes of creeping around up there to realize that the roof was a problem that I was not going to be able to fix on my own.  I almost fell off the ladder on my way back to earth but I did get back down safe and I went to tell the kids that we were going to have to take a rain check for the park.

First, I opened the phone book and turned to Roofers. There were a lot of options for different roofing companies in the phone book and I was not sure of how I was going to choose one. I was about to call the first random number on the list, when I remembered that my neighbor had experiences some roofing issues the month before. I walked next door and explained the situation to him and he gave me the number of a roofing contractor who had done a lot of houses in the area. 

A few hours later the guys were on top of my roof working on the leak while the kids and I played in the backyard. It turned out that the roof had been damaged for some time before that and there was actually a lot of damage to be repaired. In fact, the roofers had to come back out the next day to continue the work on the roof. I guess I was lucky because if they had not discovered the problem in time, I could have been out a whole lot more money than I was but I still wished it had not of happened on my weekend with the kids. I guess sometimes not everything goes to plan.

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I recently hired a commercial roof repair company.

A couple of years back I needed to have my roof repaired. I had had a feeling for a while that the roof was going to need repairing soon and I had started to save up some money to help me cover the costs of the repairs. After researching a couple of different residential roof repair companies I found a local company called Campbell Beard Roofing. It was a big project but it was completed in a timely and professional manner and I was very happy with my decision to work with that company. A year later I recommended the same company to a friend of mine who was in need of some roof repairs after a tree had fallen through his garage. Recently I called Campbell Beard Roofing again when I was looking for a commercial roof repair company.  I had called originally to see if they had any recommendations for commercial roof repair without realizing that they specialize in commercial roof repair as well as residential roof repair. I was happy to be able to work with the same company again and hired them on to repair the roof on my business’ warehouse.

Residential roof repairCommercial roof repair can look very different from residential roof repair. The roof on my home is covered with roof shingles while the roof of the warehouse used for my business is metal. I was interested to see how the rest of the repair process would differ from home to business. In the end I was very happy with the results and glad that I had once again chosen to work with Campbell Beard Roofing. Both of the roofs that they worked on for me have maintained stable structure and done their job of protecting the inside from the elements. In Colorado you never know what you are going to get when it comes to the weather, and I don’t think that the weather man or woman knows any better either. It could be bright blue skies one minute and a torrential down pour the next minute and you would never know what hit you. In Colorado when you leave the house you have to be prepared for anything. Sometimes when it snows here overnight it will be cold in the morning and then heat up to tank top wether by the late afternoon! You never know what you are going to get so you have to be prepared for it all. The same can be said for your roof!

I know that I can feel confident in the condition of my roof for many years to come. Roof repairs are expensive so once you pay to have it done you shouldn’t need to do it again for a while. That is unless you are unlucky like my neighbor and a tree falls through your roof during an epic wind storm. That doesn’t tend to happen as often where I live but I have certainly heard some horror stories from my friends about giant trees going through their roofs!